Dagan, The Art of Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest crafts known to man. The knowledge mankind has accumulated on agriculture over the years is great, just like the advances in the fields of science, technology, cultivation techniques, production and more… 
Dagan’s ability to adopt agricultural solutions to the customer’s needs is the result of implementing the knowledge and technology accumulated in the world and in Israel in over thirty-three years of experience in the field, both in Israel and around the world in various climate conditions. We specialize in all stages of the professional activity, from planning and engineering, production, integration and support of technical/technological systems to the development of methods and products that ensure the realization of effective and profitable results.
In addition, we understand that today’s agricultural craft is a combination of economics, production and marketing, and adoptation to the needs of the business sector.


Turnkey Projects

Dagan has accomplished a wide range of diversified and comprehensive agricultural projects.

Why Dagan?

When establishing an agricultural project, one must eventually acquire agricultural equipment and knowledge. Today’s market, in the era of the internet, is flooded with purchasing options and tempting offers from a wide range of suppliers. The success of the agricultural project stems from a number of conditions that have to be combined in order to succeed:

#Adopting agricultural equipment to conditions in the field, the capabilities of the manpower, the production output and the quality of the required product.





#Finding economic and monetary solutions.

#Producing Marketing Solutions.

Dagan Agricultural Automation, which has operated in the agricultural field for over 30 years, specializes in adopting agricultural solutions to the needs of all entities, including: governments, research institutions, companies, private farmers.
Dagan  was established as a family business, which provides every customer with the best possible service throughout the project life cycle. The company provides services that include: Establishing a project
, starting from the economic feasibility examination stage of the project, examining the markets that suit the project’s outputs, examining the strains, preparing the business plan, planning, production, establishing the project and professional support both in the establishment stage and throughout the project.
Support of Existing Projects: Expansion of existing projects, consultation, repair and renovation.



The company develops, on its own and with the help of partner companies and entities, technological solutions in agriculture, and it creates technological and technical advantages that are adapted to the needs of farmers in any climate conditions and in any region of the world.


The company is able to provide all of the project’s requirements, including integration among various producers/products for the purpose of designing technological solutions, and the establishment of successful projects for every customer and every place in the world.


In its daily operations, Dagan Agricultural Automation is integrating sustainability procedures, while efficiently allocating resources such as re use and recycling strategies to minimize potential to current and future environment assets.


The company possesses its own research and development capabilities as well as projects and collaborations in the field of research that keep it relevant and current at the center of the technological agricultural industry in Israel and abroad.


Ran Dagan, founder and owner of the company, received the 2015 Innovation Award on behalf of the company, “for its contribution to the promotion of entrepreneurship and development in agriculture,” which was awarded by the Minister of Agriculture, the CEO of AgriTech and the Director of SHAHAM.

The Road to Success

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Dagan, The art of agricultre